Short CV/Education and training

  • 1994
    Master of Science in Biology, Uppsala University

  • 1999
    PhD in Molecular Biology with the thesis 'Structural studies of protein assemblies: MHC class I and Lumazine Synthase' SLU Supervisor: Professor Gunter Schneider

  • 1999 – 2001
    Post doctoral fellowship, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada. Avisor Professor Natalie Strynadka.

  • 2001 – 2002
    Researcher, KaroBio AB, Huddinge.

  • 2002 – 2005
    Research assistant (Forskarassistent). Umeå Center for Molecular Pathogenes, financed by VR.

  • 2003 – 2004
    Parental leave

  • 2005 – 2011
    Researcher in Odontology. Six-year position, 50% financed by Swedish Research Council (VR), 50% financed by the department of Odontology, Umeå University

  • 2008
    Parental leave

  • since 2012
    Researcher at the department of Chemistry, Umeå University

  • 2013

Selected publications

  • Hall, M., Nylander, Å., Jenkinson F. H. and Persson, K. (2014) 'Structure of the C-terminal domain of AspA (antigen I/II-family) protein from Streptococcus pyogenes' FEBS Open Bio 4C, pp. 283-289 DOI: 10.1016/j.fob.2014.02.012

  • Nylander, Å., Svensäter, G., Senadheera, D., Cvitkovitch,D., Davies, J. and Persson, K. (2013). "Structural and functional analysis of the N-terminal domain of the Streptococcus gordonii adhesin Sgo0707." PLoS One 8(5): e63768.

  • Persson, K., Esberg, A., Claesson, R. and Strömberg, N. (2012). "The pilin protein FimP from Actinomyces oris: crystal structure and sequence analyses." PLoS One 7(10): e48364.

  • Persson K. (2011). Crystal structure of the sortase AcSrtC-1 from Actinomyces oris. Acta Crystallographica Sect D-Biological Crystallography 67, 212-217.

  • Brady LJ, Maddocks SE, Larson MR, Forsgren N, Persson K, Deivanayagam CC, Jenkinson HF. (2010) The changing faces of Streptococcus antigen I/II polypeptide family adhesins. Mol Microbiol. 77(2):276-86.

  • Forsgren, N., Lamont, R. J. & Persson, K. (2010). Two Intramolecular Isopeptide Bonds are Identified in the Crystal Structure of the Streptococcus gordonii SspB C-terminal Domain. J. Mol. Biol 397, 740-751.

  • Forsgren, N., Lamont, R. J. & Persson, K. (2009). Crystal structure of the variable domain of the Streptococcus gordonii surface protein SspB. Protein Sci. 18(9):1896-905

  • Ye, L., Li, Y. L., Mellstrom, K., Mellin, C., Bladh, L. G., Koehler, K., Garg, N., Garcia Collazo, A. M., Litten, C., Husman, B., Persson, K., Ljunggren, J., Grover, G., Sleph, P. G., George, R. & Malm, J. (2003). Thyroid receptor ligands. 1. Agonist ligands selective for the thyroid receptor beta1. Journal of Medicinal Chemistry 46, 1580-8.

  • Persson, K., Ly, H. D., Dieckelmann, M., Wakarchuk, W. W., Withers, S. G. & Strynadka, N. C. (2001). Crystal structure of the retaining galactosyltransferase LgtC from Neisseria meningitidis in complex with donor and acceptor sugar analogs. Nature Structural Biology 8, 166-75.

  • Achour, A., Persson, K., Harris, R. A., Sundback, J., Sentman, C. L., Lindqvist, Y., Schneider, G. & Karre, K. (1998). The crystal structure of H-2Dd MHC class I complexed with the HIV-1-derived peptide P18-I10 at 2.4 A resolution: implications for T cell and NK cell recognition. Immunity 9, 199-208

Selected projects

  • Structural studies of bacterial glycosyltransferases

  • Structural studies on bacterial surface adhesins, involved in biofilm formaion.

  • Structural studies on metal binding proteins from cyano bacteria.

Membership in scientific bodies/juries

  • Evaluation panel "International Post doc call". Swedish Research Council

Additional qualifications

  • Teaching chemistry and biochemistry.

Supervision of PhD students

  • 1. Nina Forsgren .Feb 2006-April 2010. Graduated with the thesis 'Structural studies on the surface adhesin SspB from Streptococcus gordonii' Full formal and real responsibility as main supervisor.

  • 2. Åsa Nylander June 2009-Sept 2013. Structural and functional studies of streptococcal surface adhesins. Full formal and real responsibility as main supervisor.

  • 3. Hanna M. Eriksson, 2005-2009. Graduated with the thesis 'Intracellular vesicles induced by monotopic membrane protein in Escherichia coli' Stockholm University. Full formal and real responsibility as assistant supervisor. (Åke Wieslander as main supervisor).


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