Short CV/Education and training

  • 1990
    BSc (1st Honours) Biological Sciences, Edinburgh University

  • 1995
    PhD Psychology, Cambridge University

Selected publications

  • Lee, A.C.H., Bussey, T.J., Murray, E.A., Saksida, L., Epstein, R., Kapur, N., Hodges, J.R. & Graham, K.S. (2005). Perceptual deficits in amnesia: challenging the medial temporal lobe ‘mnemonic’ view. Neuropsychologia, 43, 1-11.

  • Barense, M.D., Bussey, T.J., Lee, A.C.H., Rogers, T.T., Davies, R.R., Saksida, L.M., Murray, E.A. & Graham, K.S. (2005). Functional specialization in the human medial temporal lobe. Journal of Neuroscience, 25, 10239-10246.

  • Lee, A.C.H., Buckley, M.J., Gaffan, D., Emery, T., Hodges, J.R. & Graham, K.S.

    (2006). Differentiating the roles of the hippocampus and perirhinal cortex in

    processes beyond long-term declarative memory: a double dissociation in dementia. Journal of Neuroscience, 26, 5198-5203.

  • Graham, K.S., Barense, M.D. & Lee, A.C.H. (2010). Going beyond LTM in the MTL: a synthesis of neuropsychological and neuroimaging findings on the role of the medial temporal lobe in memory and perception. Neuropsychologia, 48, 831-853.

  • Watson, H.C., Wilding, E.L. & Graham, K.S. (2012). Object representations in the perirhinal cortex can support memory for novel object-context associations. Journal of Neuroscience, 32, 4473-4481.

  • Mundy, M.E., Downing, P.E., Dwyer, D.M., Honey, R.C. & Graham, K.S. (2013). A critical role for the medial temporal lobe in perceptual learning of scenes and faces. Novel findings from amnesia and fMRI. Journal of Neuroscience, 33, 10490-10502.

  • Hodgetts, C.J., Postans, M., Shine, J.P., Jones, D.K., Lawrence, A.D., & Graham, K.S. (2015). Dissociable roles of the fornix and inferior longitudinal fasciculus in scene and face oddity judgements. eLife; 10.7554/eLife.07902

Complete list of publications

Selected projects

  • Representational systems underpinning memory

  • Lifespan approach to later life cognitive health

  • Cognition and dementia

Membership in scientific bodies/juries

  • Memory Disorders Research Society

  • Editorial Board, NeuroImage Clinical

  • MRC Non-Clinical Training and Career Development Panel

  • Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Fellowship Panel

Media coverage

  • In Our Times (BBC Radio), 2003

  • Sharpen Your Mind (BBC Radio), 2006


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