Short CV/Education and training

    Professor in Language and Culture at Linköping University

    Pro-head of the Department of Culture and Communication, Linköping University

    PhD in Finno-ugric languages, Uppsala University

Selected publications

  • L. Keevallik 2017: Linking performances: The temporality of contrastive grammar. In Linking in Grammar and Action, E. Couper-Kuhlen, R.Laury (Eds.). Helsinki: Finnish Literary Society. 54–72.

  • Keevallik, L., Hakulinen, A. 2017: Epistemically reinforced kyl(lä)/küll-responses in Estonian and Finnish: word order and social action. Journal of Pragmatics.

  • A. Weatherall, L. Keevallik 2016: When claims of understanding are less than affiliative. Research on Language and Social Interaction 49(3): 167–182.

  • M. Broth, L. Keevallik 2014: Getting ready to move as a couple: Accomplishing mobile formations in a dance class. Space and Culture 17(2): 107–121.

  • L. Keevallik 2014: Having a ball: Immaterial objects in dance instruction. In: Interacting with Objects: Language, Materiality, and Social Activity, M. Nevile, P. Haddington, T. Heinemann & M. Rauniomaa (Eds.). Amsterdam/Philadelphia: John Benjamins. Pp. 245–264.

  • L. Keevallik 2014: Turn organization and bodily-vocal demonstrations. Journal of Pragmatics 65. Pp. 103–120.

  • L. Keevallik 2013: The interdependence of bodily demonstrations and clausal syntax. Research on Language and Social Interaction. 46(1): 1–21.

  • L. Keevallik 2013: Here in time and space: Decomposing movement in dance instruction. In: Interaction and Mobility: Language and the Body in Motion, P. Haddington, L. Mondada & M. Nevile (Eds.). Berlin/Boston: De Gruyter. Pp. 345–370.

  • L. Keevallik 2012: Compromising progressivity: ‘No’-prefacing in Estonian. Pragmatics 22(1): 119–146.

  • L. Keevallik 2011: Pro-forms as projective devices in interaction. Discourse Processes 48(6): 404–431.

  • L. Keevallik 2010: Bodily quoting in dance correction. Research on Language and Social Interaction 43(4): 1–26.

  • L. Keevallik 2010: Minimal answers to yes/no questions in the service of sequence organization. Discourse Studies 12(3): 1–27.

  • L. Keevallik 2009: The grammar-interaction interface of negative questions in Estonian. SKY Journal of Linguistics 22: 139–173.

  • L. Keevallik 2009: Internal development and borrowing of pragmatic particles: Estonian vaata/vat ‘look’, näed ‘you see’ and vot. Finnisch-Ugrische Mitteilungen 30/31: 23–54.

  • L. Keevallik 2006: From discourse pattern to epistemic marker: Estonian (ei) tea ‘don't know’. Nordic Journal of Linguistics 29(2): 173–200.

  • L. Keevallik 1999: The use and abuse of singular and plural address forms in Estonian. International Journal of the Sociology of Language 139: 125–144.

Complete list of publications

Selected projects

  • Vocal practices for coordinating human action, Linköping University. Swedish Research Council, 2017 – 2023

  • The bodily component of grammar, Linköping University. Riksbankens Jubileumsfond, 2011 – 2014

  • Estonian in Sweden: Grammar and lexicon of a language variety under changing circumstances, Uppsala university. Swedish Research Council, 2004 – 2006


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