Short CV/Education and training

  • Since 2015
    Visiting professor, Turku University, Finland

  • Since 2002
    Professor in Educational Work, Umeå University

  • 1997
    Reader in Education, Umeå University

  • 1989
    PhD in Education, Lund University

  • 1975
    University Diploma in Psychology, Lund University

  • 1972
    BA in psychology, Lund University

Selected publications

  • Alexiadou, N. & Lundahl, L. (2016). Reforming Swedish education through New Public Management and quasi-markets. In: H. M. Gunter, E. Grimaldi, D. Hall, R. Serpieri (Eds.), New public management and the reform of education: European lessons for policy and practice (pp. 66-80). Abdingon, Oxon: Routledge

  • Lundahl, L (2012). Educational theory in an Era of Knowledge Capitalism. Studies in Philosophy and Education, 31(3), 215-226.

  • Lundahl, L. (2015). Das Skandinavische Modell. Der Wandel der Zeitpolitik Schwedischer Grundschulen im 20. Jahrhundert. (1ed.). In: Karen Hagemann, Konrad Jarausch (Ed.), Halbtags oder Ganztags?: Zeitpolitiken von Kinderbetreuung und Schule nach 1945 im europäischen Vergleich, Landsberg: Beltz Juventa, 209-231.

  • Lundahl, L (2016). Equality, inclusion and marketization of Nordic education: Introductory notes. Research in Comparative and International Education, 11(1), 3-12.

  • Lundahl, L; Erixon Arreman I; Lundström U; Rönnberg L. (2010). Setting things right? Swedish upper secondary school reform in a 40-year perspective. European Journal of Education, 45(1), 49-62.

  • Lundahl, L; Erixon Arreman I; Holm A; Lundström U. (2013). Educational marketization the Swedish way. Education Inquiry, 497-517.

  • Lundahl, L; Lindblad, M., Lovén, A., Mårald, G. & Svedberg, G. (2017). No particular way to go: careers of young adults lacking upper secondary qualifications. Journal of Education and Work, 30(1), 39-52.

  • Lisbeth Lundahl & Olofsson J. (2014). Guarded transitions? Youth trajectories and school-to-work transition policies in Sweden. International Journal of Adolescence and Youth. 19 (Suppl 1), 19-34.

  • Simmons, M., Lundahl, L & Serpieri, R. (2013). The governing of education in Europe: commercial actors, partnerships and strategies. European Educational Research Journal (online), 12(4), 416-424.

Complete list of publications

Selected projects

  • Learning for Career Management Skills, PI. Funded by the Forte Research Council, 2016 – 2018

  • Troublesome Transitions. School-to-work transitions of young people at risk in longitudinal perspective, PI. Funded by Swedish Research Council, 2010 – 2013

  • Upper Secondary Education as a Market, PI. Funded by the Swedish Research Council, 2008 – 2010

  • European Educational Research Quality Indicators, FP 7 project, European Union, 2008 – 2010

  • The Individual – Paths and Choices. Career choices and counselling in social, multi-cultural and gender perspectives, PI. Funded by the Swedish Research Council, 2005 – 2007

  • Educational Reform and Teachers, Funded by the Ministry of Education and Science, Japan, 2003 – 2006

Membership in scientific bodies/juries

  • Member of the Educational Science Committee of the Swedish Research Council, 2010 – 2015

  • Member of The Research Council of the Social Science/FAS, 1998 – 2004


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