Short CV/Education and training

    Studied history, social sciences and cultural studies at the University of Helsinki

  • 1995

    Professor of History (Finnish history and Arctic region) at the University of Eastern Finland in the campus of Joensuu

    Adjunct Professor of Finnish and Scandinavian history at the University of Helsinki

Selected publications

  • The Political Profile of the First Finnish Female President Tarja Halonen. Journal of Finnish Studies (USA) 2016, 1-15.

  • Ilman historiantutkijoita ei ole kansakuntaa. Sananen tiederahoituksesta ja julkaisumittareista. Historiallinen Aikakauskirja (Helsinki) 2/2016, 201-212.

  • Arktinen käänne politiikassa ja tutkimuksessa. Ennen ja Nyt 2/2015, 1-130.

    Bad blood and humiliation: Finns’ experiences of the Moscow peace negotiations in 1940.

  • Nordia. Geographical Publications.(Oulu, Finland). Vol. 43:1. NGP Yearbook 2014, 101‒113.

  • Scholars discover Local History. The Case of North-East Lapland in the 18th century. Polar Record (Cambridge, UK). Vol 48, Issue 3 2012, 291-303.

  • The Sense of Terijoki: The Discourse of Karelia in the Karelian Borderlands. Journal of Finnish Studies ( USA). Vol 16 No 2 2013, 29-46.

  • The Making of the Border between Two Worlds. The struggle over Finnicization of the border region between Finland and Russia in the 1910s and 1920s. Eurasia Border Review (Hokkaido University, Japan). Vol 3 No 1 2012, 33-50.

  • Saamy na Evropeiskoi stsene [The Sámi people on the European metropolises]. Rossijskaja Istorija. Publisher: Rossijskaja Akademija Nauk (Moskva, Russia). 3/2009, 235-240.

  • Tautinen sota. Suomen sota paikallisena ilmiönä.[Poxy war. The Swedish-Russian War in 1808-1809 as a local phenomenon]. Historiallinen Aikakauskirja (Helsinki, Finland) 4/2004, 447-455.

  • Suomen Lapin synnystä alueiden Lappiin [From the Birth of the Finnish Lapland to the Lapland of Regions]. Terra. Publisher: The Association of Finnish Geographers (Helsinki). 117:3, 2005, 147-158.

Complete list of publications

Membership in scientific bodies/juries

  • Member of the Board of the Finnish Academy of Science and Letters (Suomalainen Tiedeakatemia)

  • Member of the Research Council for Culture and Society of the Academy of Finland (Kulttuurin ja yhteiskunnan tutkimuksen toimikunta, Suomen Akatemia)

  • Member of the executive committee of Mineral Resources Research Programme (MISU) in the Academy of Finland

  • Member of the executive committee of Arctic Research Programme (ARKTIS) in the Academy of Finland

    Member of the University Collegium at the University of Eastern Finland

Media coverage

  • Specialist in many radio and tv programs and journals/newspapers

Additional qualifications

  • Border communities, Arctic studies

Soft Skills/Other activities and achievements

Other activities and achievements/family

  • Ice swimming, ethnographic literature, Lapland, summer cottage life


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