Short CV/Education and training


  • M Soc. Sc. (Economics) University of Helsinki

  • Dr. of Soc Sc. (Economic and social history) University of Helsinki


  • 2002 – 2009
    Post.doc, research fellow and acting professor of economic history

  • 2010 – 2011
    Academy Research Fellow, Academy of Finland & University of Helsinki

  • 2011
    Professor of business history, University of Gothenburg; Sweden

Selected publications

  • Fellman Susanna, Kari-Matti-Piilahti and Valtteri Härmälä. (2014): ’From dense to lose?” – Corporate networks and interlocks in Finnish business in the twentieth century’. In David, Thomas and Gerarda Westerhuis (eds.). The Power of Corporate Networks. A Comparative and Historical Perspective. Routledge International Studies in Business History.

  • Susanna Fellman (2014), ‘Prosopographic studies of business leaders for understanding industrial and corporate transformation.’ Business History 56 (1), 5-21.

  • Susanna Fellman (2013), ‘Managing Professionalization in family business – Transforming strategies for managerial succession and recruitment in family firms in the 20th century.’ In Fernandez-Perez Paloma & Colli Andrea (eds.). A Global Revolution. The Endurance of Family Businesses. NY:.Cambridge University Press,

  • Susanna Fellman & Andrew Popp (2013), ‘Lost in the archive. The business historian in distress.’ In Czarniawska, B & Löfgren, O. (eds.) Coping with Excess. How Organizations, Communities and Individuals Manage Overflows. Cheltenham UK & Northampton, Ma USA: Edward Elgar Publ. Ltd, 216–243. (peer review)

  • Susanna Fellman & Marjatta Rahikainen (eds.) (2012): Historical knowledge. In Quest of Theory, Method and Evidence. Newcastle-upon-Tyne: Cambridge Scholars Publishing.

  • Susanna Fellman (2010): ‘Enforcing and Re-Enforcing Trust – Employers and Upper-White-Collar Employees in Finnish Manufacturing Companies, 1920s–1980s.’ Business History 52 (5), 779–911.

  • Susanna Fellman, Martin Jes Iversen, Hans Sjögren & Lars Thue (eds.) (2008): Creating Nordic Capitalism – The Development of a Competitive Periphery. Basingstoke: Palgrave–Macmillan 2008.

  • Susanna Fellman (2007): From Consolidation to Competition – The Development of Modern Management Education in Finland, 1958–2000. Nordiske Organisasjonsstudier no. 3. 2007.

  • Susanna Fellman (2007): ‘Aesthetics in Modern Management – The Professionalisation of Management and the Creation of the Modern, Efficient Firm in Finland, 1920s–1940s.’ In Kervanto Nevanlinna, A. (ed.), Industry and Modernism – Companies, Architecture and Identities in the Nordic and Baltic Countries During the High-Industrial Period. Studia Fennica Historica Helsinki 2007.

  • Susanna Fellman (2003): The Role of Internal Labour Markets and Social Networks in the Recruitment of Top Managers in Finnish Manufacturing Firms, 1900–75. Business History 45 (3), 1–21.

Complete list of publications

Membership in scientific bodies/juries

  • Swedish Research Council, Council for Humanities and Social Sciencies

  • Finska Vetenskaps-Societeten, Finland, since 2015

  • Kungliga Vetenskaps och Vitterhetssamhället i Göteborg (The Royal Society of Science and Arts in Gothenburg)

  • European Business History Association (Council member)


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