Short CV/Education and training

  • Since 2007

  • Main study areas are population biology of rare plant species, especially orchids. In addition to orchid population biology her research interests include reproductive biology and distribution of vascular plants and the biodiversity conservation. Prof. Kull has also participated in the compilation of the Flora of the Baltic Countries, Red Data books and the Atlas and Key-Books of Estonian plants. She has published more than 100 papers and three books, edited several publications, Orchid Biology: Reviews and Perspectives VIII, IX, X included. She is an editor of the Proceedings of Estonian Academy of Sciences and currently leader of several research projects, e.g.: (1) Non-additive impact of border-richness to biota (2) Moth pollinators in semi-natural grasslands (3) Establishment and management of long-term biodiversity experiments (4) Natue tourism impacts on natural communities.

Selected publications

  • Shefferson, R. P.; Kull, Tiiu; Hutchings, M. J.; Selosse, M.-A.; Jacquemyn, H.; Kellett, K. M.; Menges, E.; Primack, R. B.; Tuomi, J.; Alahuhta, K.; Hurskainen, K.; Alexander, H. M.; Anderson, D. S.; Brys, R.; Brzosko, E.; Dostalik, S.; Gregg, K.; Ipser, Z.; Jäkäläniemi, A.; Jersakova, J. ... Whigham, D. F. (2018). Drivers of vegetative dormancy across herbaceous perennial plant species. Ecology Letters, 21 (5), 724−733.10.1111/ele.12940

  • Gargiulo, Roberta; Ilves, Aigi; Kaart, Tanel; Fay, F. Michael; Kull, Tiiu (2018). High genetic diversity in a threatened clonal species, Cypripedium calceolus (Orchidaceae), enables long-term stability of the species in different biogeographical regions in Estonia. Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society, 186 (4), 560−571.10.1093/botlinnean/box105

  • Pilving, Tarmo; Kull, Tiiu; Suškevičs, Monika; Viira, Ants-Hannes (2019). The tourism partnership life cycle in Estonia: Striving towards sustainable multisectoral rural tourism collaboration. Tourism Management Perspectives, 31, 219−230.10.1016/j.tmp.2019.05.001

  • Kull, Tiiu; Selgis, Ulvi; Villoslada Peciña, Miguel; Metsare, Mirjam; Ilves, Aigi; Tali, Kadri; Sepp, Kalev; Kull, Kalevi; Shefferson, Richard P. (2016). Factors influencing IUCN threat levels to orchids across Europe on the basis of national red lists. Ecology and Evolution, 6 (17), 6245−6265.10.1002/ece3.2363

  • Ilves, Aigi; Metsare, Mirjam; Seliškar, Andrej; García, Maria Begoña; Vassiliou, Loukia; Pierce, Simon; Tatarenko, Irina; Tali, Kadri; Kull, Tiiu (2016). Genetic diversity patterns of the orchid Anacamptis pyramidalis at the edges of its distribution range. Plant Systematics and Evolution, 302 (9), 1227−1238.10.1007/s00606-016-1328-0

  • Kana, Silja; Otsus, Merit; Sammul, Marek; Laanisto, Lauri; Kull, Tiiu (2015). Change in species composition during 55 years: a re-sampling study of species-rich meadows in Estonia. Annales Botanici Fennici, 52 (5-6), 419−431

  • Laanisto, Lauri; Sammul, Marek; Kull, Tiiu; Macek, Petr; Hutchings, Michael J. (2015). Trait-based analysis of decline in plant species ranges during the 20th century: a regional comparison between the UK and Estonia. Global Change Biology, 21 (7), 2726−2738.10.1111/gcb.12887

  • Henle, Klaus; Alard, Didier; Clitherow, Jeremy; Cobb, Paul; Firbank, Les; Kull, Tiiu; McCracken, Davy; Moritz, Robin F.A.; Niemelä, Jari; Nowicki, Peter; Rebane, Michael; Wascher, Dirk; Watt, Allan; Young, Juliette. (2008). Identifying and managing the conflicts between agriculture and biodiversity conservation in Europe – a review. Agriculture Ecosystems & Environment, 124, 60−71.10.1016/j.agee.2007.09.005

  • Kull, Tiiu; Sammul, M.; Kull, K.; Lanno, K.; Tali, K.; Gruber, B.; Schmeller, D.; Henle, K. (2008). Necessity and reality of monitoring threatened European vascular plants. Biodiversity and Conservation, 17, 3383−3402.10.1007/s10531-008-9432-2

  • Kull, T.; Hutchings, M. (2006). A comparative analysis of decline in the distribution ranges of orchid species in Estonia and the United Kingdom. Biological Conservation, 129 (1), 31−39

Complete list of publications

Selected projects

  • T.Kull has been active in several EU projects EU-wide monitoring methods and systems of surveillance for species and habitats of Community interest (EuMon), and European Platform for Biodiversity, an innovative tool for improving the competitiveness of community based tourism (Comcot), etc. New H2020 SHOWCASE is just starting.

Membership in scientific bodies/juries

  • Prof. Kull has lead or co-lead the Estonian Orchid Protection Club for more than 25 years.

Soft Skills/Other activities and achievements

Other activities and achievements/family

  • Three children and four grandchildren


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