Short CV/Education and training

  • Zoi Lygerou is Associate Professor of Biology at Patras Medical School. She obtained her first degree from the Department of Biology, University of Athens in 1991. She was awarded a PhD degree by the University of Heidelberg in 1995 (magna cum laude) for her work at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL) in Heidelberg, Gene Expression Program in the Group of Iain Mattaj and Bertrand Seraphin, on RNA Processing. She held postdoctoral researcher appointments at the EMBL (under Dr. B. Seraphin) and at the Imperial Cancer Research Fund in London (under Sir Paul Nurse) where she studied cell cycle control in fission yeast. She is a member of Faculty in Patras since 1999. Her team ( studies the control mechanisms which safeguard genomic stability by ensuring once per cell cycle replication in eukaryotic cells and how defects in this control may lead to tumorigenesis. She is/was the PI on 9 national and 7 international grants (including HFSP, EU-NEST/STREP, AICR and ERC grants). She co-ordinates postgraduate courses introducing interdisciplinary/innovative teaching and has organized a number of Symposia and Workshops. She is co-heading the Advanced Light Microscopy Facility of Patras Medical School and has been actively involved in improving infrastructure at the University of Patras. She acts as a reviewer for EMBO fellowships, MRC-UK, BBSRC, Welcome Trust and AICR grants and several major scientific journals. She became an EMBO Young Investigator in 2001, is a SET-Routes University Ambassador and the recipient of a Consolidator Grant from the European Research Council. She is Director of Studies of the Interdepartmental Postgraduate Program "Life Sciences Informatics" at the University of Patras.

Selected publications

  • Roukos V, Kinkhabwala A, Colombelli J, Kotsantis P, Taraviras S, Nishitani H, Stelzer E, Bastiaens P, and Lygerou Z (2011). Dynamic Recruitment of the Licensing Factor Cdt1 to Sites of DNA Damage. J. Cell Science, 124:422-432

  • J. Lygeros, K. Koutroumpas, S. Dimopoulos, I. Legouras, P. Kouretas, C. Heichinger, P. Nurse, Z. Lygerou (2008) Stochastic hybrid modelling of DNA replication across a complete genome. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA, 105:12295-12300.

  • G. Xouri, A. Squire, M. Dimaki, B. Geverts, P. J. Verveer, S. Taraviras, H. Nishitani, A. B. Houtsmuller, P. I. H. Bastiaens, Z. Lygerou.(2007) Dynamic chromatin association of Cdt1 throughout G1 leads to Geminin recruitment onto chromatin. EMBO J, 26:1303-1314.

  • Nishitani, H., Lygerou, Z., Nishimoto, T. and P. Nurse (2000) The Cdt1 protein is required to license DNA for replication in fission yeast. Nature, 404:625-628

  • Lygerou, Z., C. Allmang, D. Tollervey and B. Séraphin (1996).Accurate processing of a eukaryotic precursor ribosomal RNA by ribonuclease MRP in vitro. Science, 272: 268-270

Complete list of publications

Selected projects

  • Dynamic protein complexes controlling DNA replication in time and space: studies by advanced live-cell imaging

  • Licensing complexes and the DNA damage response

  • The stem cell life cycle

  • Idas and Lynkeas, novel regulators of the cell cycle and differentiation in vertebrates.

  • Cdt1 and Geminin misregulation in cancer cells and their contribution to tumorigenesis

  • Modelling of DNA replication and aberrations leading to genomic instability

  • Developing software for advanced live cell imaging


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