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Dear academic,

would you like to team up with other female researchers from your area? Would you like to network with them across the boundaries of each researcher's academic field?

The Robert Bosch Foundation supports meetings of AcademiaNet members. The general idea is our members to meet informally and exchange ideas in a pleasant environment like a nice restaurant. And we are convinced that local networks like this are useful in scientific circles.

In the following regions, so-called AcademiaNet Clubs have already met: In Stuttgart/Tübingen, in Munich and the greater Frankfurt area, in Berlin/Potsam, and last year in the London/Oxford/Cambridge region. All participants said that these meetings were a great success. So go ahead, join existing networks or found your own Club!

If you're interested in a Club meeting, or in setting up your own AcademiaNet Club, please contact please contact

You'll find further information in this article.

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