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  1. Spinning like a spider

    AcademiaNet interview with Anna Rising

    11.09.17 | AcademiaNet welcomes its 2500 member this week – Dr Anna Rising from Karolinska Institutet and Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. To celebrate, we called Dr Rising and chatted about her research on spider silk, her start-up company Spiber Technologies and life as a woman in science.

  2. Professor Dame Anne Glover is Elected as the New RSE President

    07.09.17 | AcademiaNet member Dame Anne Glover will start her appointment as president of the Royal Society of Edinburgh in April 2018. She will supersede another AcademiaNet scientist, current president Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell.

  3. Into oppression, for God and false promises

    AcademiaNet interview with Susanne Schröter

    01.09.17 | Of late, an increased number of young women is joining radical Islam and departing for Syria to support the so-called Islamic State (IS). Leaving an, in our eyes, liberal world, they voluntarily enter a system of total surveillance and oppression. Professor Susanne Schröter addresses the motives of these young women and investigates what will await them there.

  4. ERC Starting Grant for Caroline Gutjahr

    24.08.17 | The AcademiaNet scientist secures a 1.5 Mio. € grant to support her research on mycorrhiza.

  5. The first black holes keep revealing secrets about our universe

    Horizon-Interview with Prof. Raffaella Schneider

    17.08.17 | Ancient black holes hidden away in deep space have left behind nuclear clues about the first-ever stars, according to Professor Raffaella Schneider from the Department of Physics of Sapienza University of Rome, Italy, who leads a team of stellar archaeologists.

  6. "Nanomaterials are closest thing we have to real-life 'superheroes'"

    Horizon-Interview with Prof Valeria Nicolosi

    10.08.17 | Utilising the superhero properties of materials around an atom thick could revolutionise how we store energy in electronic devices, according to Valeria Nicolosi, professor of nanomaterials and advanced microscopy at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland.

  7. Religious conflict: more than meets the eye

    AcademiaNet interview with Meron Zeleke Eresso

    01.08.17 | Throughout history and down to the present day, religion has been used as a pretext for conflict and violence. Indeed, too often religion and conflict appear inextricably linked. Dr Meron Zeleke Eresso from Addis Ababa University in Ethiopia takes another view: in her research on the role of religion in society, she finds that religion plays an important part in promoting peace and reconciliation - and that, in many cases, conflicts that are regarded as religious actually have social and economic causes.

  8. Melanie Blokesch elected International Research Scholar

    26.07.17 | The AcademiaNet scientist is one of 41 international researchers whose work will be supported by a 650 000 $ grant.

  9. Professor Jo Shaw is honoured for her life work

    20.07.17 | The AcademiaNet scientist will receive the UACES Lifetime Achievement Award for her contributions to the development of European Studies.

  10. Spinoza Prize awarded to Eveline Crone

    12.07.17 | The AcademiaNet scientist receives the highest accolade in Dutch science.

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