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  1. Rural development - a ticking time bomb?

    AcademiaNet-Interview with Seema Arora-Jonsson

    03.07.17 | We speak with AcademiaNet member Professor Seema Arora-Jonsson, who researches how rural development and environmental governance are carried out in rural areas and what effects gender and ethnicity have on the development.

  2. AcademiaNet researchers among new EMBO fellows

    29.06.17 | Eleven of our members have been elected to join the organisation.

  3. Maya Schuldiner receives EMBO Gold Medal

    23.06.17 | The AcademiaNet member is the 35th person to receive the annual award, which recognises young researchers that have made outstanding contributions to the life sciences.

  4. Polly Arnold receives Queen's Birthday Honour

    21.06.17 | The AcademiaNet scientist is rewarded an OBE for her services to chemistry and women in STEM.

  5. Professor Susanne Karstedt receives LSA Award

    16.06.17 | The AcademiaNet scientist received the prize in recognition of her contributions in the areas law and society.

  6. Coral and Alga - Better Together

    AcademiaNet-Interview with Dr Annika Guse

    08.06.17 | A molecular biologist by training, Annika Guse first ventured into the area of marine biology in 2013. With her research on sea anemone Aiptasia, she has quickly made a name of herself in the field. We talked with her about corals, symbiosis and her fieldwork in Japan.

  7. Four AcademiaNet scientists join the Royal Society

    29.05.17 | The prestigious scientific academy has elected 60 new fellows, of which 13 are women. Among them are AcademiaNet scientists Gabriele Hegerl, Yvonne Jones, Anne Ridley and Nicola Spaldin.

  8. How a new-born’s first breath influences the development of lung immunity

    25.05.17 | A study co-authored by AcademiaNet scientist Sylvia Knapp has revealed the extent to which the very first breath of life determines the development of the immune system in the lungs. The results of Knapp and her colleagues not only provide novel insights into the immunological environment of the lungs immediately after birth - they also illustrate the delicate balancing act that lungs must negotiate between excessive inflammation and susceptibility to infection. The authors’ study is published in the journal Cell Reports.

  9. Amélie Juhin wins ESRF Young Scientist Award 2017

    18.05.17 | The European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF) User Organisation has awarded the title of Young Scientist 2017 to AcademiaNet researcher Amélie Juhin for her experimental and theoretical studies of resonant X-ray scattering and X-ray dichroism.

  10. Evidence-based politics and women in science

    AcademiaNet interview with Professor Dame Athene Donald

    11.05.17 | Award-winning researcher, champion of women in science and prolific blogger: Professor Dame Athene Donald has much to say about the role of science in society, the importance of science communication and gender equality in academia. Donald is a Professor of Experimental Physics at the University of Cambridge. She studies soft matter physics and its applications to synthetic and biological systems.

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